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The Business of Event Florals

The Blush Method : Our Detailed Blueprint on how to Become a Profitable Success! 

Everything you need to know to run your business confidently and be financially successful! We have created a course based on our proven method that is easy to digest in simple step-by-step modules. 

I want to learn more!

The Business of Event Florals includes everthing you need to know to run your business confidently and be financially successful! We have created a course that is easy to digest and follow, step-by-step, with our proven method.  

All of the questions to your most burning questions, answered!  

"When I'm ordering flowers, how do I ensure I don't over or under order?"

"Do I have enough money to buy a new truck, hire on a new team member or move into that studio space I have been eye-ing?"

"How do I price myself to actually MAKE MONEY?!"

"How do I get more of a social media following?"

"How do I network with the right vendors and find my support-tribe?"

You'll also get copies of all of our Blush Botanicals :

  • templates
  • checklists
  • questionnaires
  • timelines
  • workflows
  • the details to our sales process
  • proposals 


A Peek at the Course's Core Modules

Module 1 : Starting on the right foot

We want to ensure you are starting off on the right foot with your business. Ensuring you are organized from the get-go is oh-so important to your long term sucess! Things like properly registering, establishing a calendaring system, getting the right team of outside help on board and setting up the proper accounts. Basic accounting principles you should know about and simple tricks to budget like a pro!

Module 2 : Inside your Business 

A deep dive into all things internal for your business such as budgeting yourself, how to price for profit, and we'll put systems in place for organizing work flows, day-of logistics templates, ordering flowers, staffing, toolbox checklists, structuring your internal team and building a team, how to hire, branding and elevating your brand, core values, leadership, to name a few... 

Module 3 : Your External Business

We'll get into all things outer world such as social media, getting images back from photographers, your website, contracts, sales and sales scripts, networking and connecting with vendors, attracting the ideal customer, marketing, the trick to sales and more!

Module 4 : Our Example

From start to finish. A detailed look at one of our weddings from the inside. From the moment the lead came in and on, nothing is left out (except their personal information of course!). Think internal timelines, logistics, orders, emails, proposals, revisions, etc. 


I don't have any experience with flowers at all, is this course right for me? Most certainly, YES! You do not need any prior knowledge or education to participate in this course, but it is recommended that you begin learning about costs of specific flowers, as this is something that we will not be covering (it is different in each area) and you will need this information to practice formulas and arrive at pricing. 

How long is the course? You should feel free to move through the course at your own speed, as the course is yours for a lifetime, but Alex will host period facebook lives to answer questions and will also answer questions via the private, members only facebook group periodically. 

Will I be ableto ask Alex questions? Yes! You will be able to ask questions via the private, members only facebook group. 

Is there a return policy? No, we currently do not offer refunds of any kind. 

What is the cost of the program? We will be announcing this once the course goes live. 



“The skills you’ll receive learning alongside Alex are invaluable…you will gain the confidence to approach your own projects with strategy, efficiency and utmost pride in the work you deliver. She is warm and inviting in her instruction and offers an incredible wealth of knowledge…” –Katie D, Water Signe Floral  

"Alex guided me so graciously through all of my business decisions and needs. I felt understood and she showed me perspectives that I wouldn’t have seen without her. The information I learned has been absolutely invaluable to me and my business and I will forever be grateful for her services.” – Sarah D, Aster & Park  


Hi, I'm Alex. 

I teach event florists and creative entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a successful event floral company with the use of my proven method, The Blush Method, based on the processes I use at my renowned floral design company, Blush Botanicals. 

Tell me more...

After the wild success of my first company, I opened the doors to my second floral design company in 2016 and was netting six figures in just over a year. I say this to inspire and show you what is possible with hard work and implementing my simple systems. 

My goal is to inspire a confidant and tangible "I got this!" attitude in my students. 

I know that with my systems, even the newest budding floral designer can bypass the overwhelming and lonely feelings of starting a business and quickly grow into a confident entrepreneur, leaving behind the questions of, "Am I doing this right?", and moving towards feeling of, "I got this!" as they move closer to building the profitable business of their dreams. 

So... what about you? 

I started my first floral design company over a decade ago with just a passion, no background and no flower knowledge, so if that is where you are starting out, dont you worry, I got you! 

I live in sunny San Diego with my hunky husband, Issa, my baby boy, Beau, and my gigantic lap dog Great Dane, Parker. 


Email us at info@Blushbotanicals.com for more information.

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